Peter Alsop

Music for Children and Adults

Family Of Friends

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- a circle where love never ends


Cho: Here we are again, a family of friends

A family of friends, where love never ends.  (x2)


We each have a face, two eyes and a nose

And we each have a smile, cause our happiness shows!



We’re kids and we’re grown-ups, fathers and mothers

Friends and we’re cousins, sisters and brothers



We miss your smile, when you’re away

We’re glad you came back, so we can play



We all make mistakes, here’s what we do

We say “I am sorry, if I hurt you”

Chorus (x2)


Safe in our circle with love that we bring

We feel all our feelings, we laugh and we sing!

Chorus (x2)


Written by Peter Alsop, ©Copyright 2002, Moose School Music (BMI)

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D-A, A7-D

D-A, G-A7-D