Peter Alsop

Music for Children and Adults

Erica Levine

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When Erica Levine was seven and ahalf

Up to her door came Jason Metcalf

And he said “Will ya marry me, Erica Levine?”

And Erica Levine said “What do you mean?”

“Well my mother and my father say a fellow

     ought to marry,

And my father says his brother, who is my

     Uncle Larry,

Never married, and he said Uncle Larry is a dope,

So will ya marry me?”, said Erica, “Nope!”

“Cause my piano teacher’s smart and she never had

     to marry

And your father may be right about your

     Uncle Larry,

But not being married’s not what made him a dope,

So don’t ask me again, cause the answer’s still nope!”


When Erica Levine was seventeen

She went to the prom with Joel Bernstein

And they danced til twelve and they talked til one

And Erica thought “Gee, this is fun!”

And on the way home Joel kissed her at the door

And he said “Do you know what that kiss is for?”

She said “No I don’t, but you kiss just fine!”

He said “What it means is that you are mine!”

And she said “No I’m not!” and she ran inside,

And on the way home Joel Bernstein cried

She cried too, and wrote a letter to Ms.

Saying “One thing I know is I’m mine, not his!”


When Erica Levine was twenty-three

Her lover said “Erica, marry me!

This relationship is answering a basic need,

And I’d like to have it legally guarenteed!

For without your perfect love, I would surely die!

So why don’t we make it legal?” said Erica, “Why?”

Basic needs at your age should be met by you,

I’m your lover, not your mother, let’s be careful

     what we do!

For if I ever marry, I will marry to grow

Not for position, nor protection, nor possession, no.

I love you, but your needs are a very different issue”

Then he cried and Erica handed him a tissue!


When Erica was forty she was talking to Lew

Discussing and deciding what they wanted to do

When we marry shall we move into your place

     or mine?

Yours is rent controlled, but mine is on the bus line

So they argued and they talked and they finally

     didn’t care

And they joined a tenants’ union down near

     Central Square

The wedding was a simple one, they wanted it

     that way

They’d thought alot about the things they wanted

     to say

“I will live with you and love you, but I’ll never

     call you mine”

Then the judge pronounced them married, and

     everyone drank wine

A happy-ever-after life was not the sort they got,

But they tended to be happy more often than not!


Written by Bob Blue, Copyright 1981, Bob Blue

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