Peter Alsop

Music for Children and Adults

Dragon Who Flies By My Window

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There’s a dragon who flies by my window

Just about every night 

He begs me to come out and fly with him

And maybe I’ll do it, some night.


But I’m just a kid, and I need my sleep 

And he bugs me and keeps me awake 

And when I tell him “No!” 

He whines and he says      

“Leap on my back and we’ll make, 

A flight around the whole world!

Or maybe just across town

C’mon!  Let’s go up to my mountain 

We can check out what’s goin’ down!” 

He sings,

Chorus:  Rah-ha-roo, Rah-ha-roo, Rah-hoooo

Rah-ha-roo, Rah-ha-roo, Raaaaa

Rah-ha-roo, Rah-ha-roo, Rah-hooooo

Rah-ha-roo, Rah-ha-roo, Raaaaa


But I always say “That’s okay,

I’d rather sleep here with my toys

Come back tomorrow night if you want

But you better not make any noise!

Cause if my parents hear you outside

They’ll get very, very uptight!  Y’see,

They don’t want me flying with dragons

Especially on a school night!


N’he says “Hey, that’s cool,”   

Then he puckers his lips

And he gives me a soft dragon kiss

And he hovers outside      

And he sings me to sleep  

And his song sounds something like this



It’s been a long time since I’ve seen him

I hope that he visits me soon

Cause I wonder what it would be like

To fly on his back to the moon

High over town through the sky

He never did anything wrong

But he was a dragon, you know,

And some nights I still hear his song



There was a dragon who flew by my window

Just about every night

And I never went out to fly with him

But maybe I’ll do it, ... some night.

Chorus (quietly)


Written by Peter Alsop, ©2010, Moose School Music, (BMI)

On Grow It At Home  -

D    c-3(F)

D-A-G, F-C-Bb

G-A-D, Bb-C-F




G-F#m7, Bb-Am7

Em7-F#m-D, Gm7-Am-F

G, Bb

A, C

Em-A, Gm-C

Em-D, Gm-F

F#m-G, Am-Bb

D-A, F-C

G-A7-D, Bb-C7-F


G-D, Bb-F

Asus4-A-D, Csus4-C-F

G-Dsus4-D, Bb-Fsus4-F

Asus4-A-D, Csus4-C-F











G, Bb

A, C

D-G, F-Bb

F#m7, Am

Em7, Gm7

Em-F#m7-D, Gm-Am-F