Peter Alsop

Music for Children and Adults

Daddy's Roll

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- it's outta control


Do ya really want t’eat that Dad?    

If you do, you’ll just get mad      

We’ve been through this all before, y’say you’re

Full, n’then y’eat some more        


Cho:  My Daddy’s roll, is outta control 

Hangs over his belt, like a candle that’s melted!

My Daddy’s roll, is outta control!  


You buy health food when you shop

But we don’t wanna eat what you eat, Pop

We know your self control is bad

So we’ll finish off your ice cream Dad, 

(Just to help you stay healthy!)


Chorus:  My Daddy’s roll, is outta control

Our hands are full, whenever we pull,

On my Daddy’s roll!!  It’s outta control!


This morning he jumped out of bed

Looked in the mirror, then he said

“I’ve got ‘Dunlop’s Disease’ real bad!

I ‘done lopped’ over my belt!”   (Oh Daaaaaad!)


He sucks his stomach in real far    

As he offers me half of his candy bar  

He holds his breath as his face turns red

He was out of air when I said,    


Kid:       My, my Dad!  What a big chest you’ve got!

Dad:      (holding breath) All muscles!

Kid:       Can I stick my finger in your bellybutton??!

Dad:      NO!  Hey!  NO!  Don’t do that!  Cut it out!

Kid:       Well I think I found the secret release button here

     Dad!  Look!

Dad:      Stop right now or I’ll, ....(huge release of air with

     giggles & flop)

Kid:       Wow!  Dad, is THAT all YOU!!

Dad:      Now look what you’ve done!

            Help me pick this up and tuck it back in here!!


So work out Dad, it’s not too late

Push yourself away from your plate

Y’say “I’m gonna trim this roll off me!”

Then y’sit down and watch T.V.!


Chorus:  My Daddy’s roll, is outta control

Sometimes he tries, to exercise

But my Daddy’s roll, is outta control!


You make fun of yourself,  it’s true!

But your roll doesn’t bother anyone but you!

If you need to cry cause you’re feeling sad

I’ll give you a hug, cause I love you Dad


Chorus:  And I love your roll, tho’ it’s outta control

Hangs over your belt, like a candle that’s melted!

My Daddy’s roll,  Is outta control!

My Daddy’s roll,  Is outta control!


Written by Peter Alsop, Copyright 1994, Moose School Music (BMI)

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