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Chromosoma Phobia

From the album Ebenezer's Make Over Buy Now

- Allan Arnaboldi sings a Bob Blue song


Inside everybodys genes there is a set of chromosomes

That will determine all our fates to some degree

It inspires the philosophers and scientists

To argue over what make you be you and me be me

But of all the chromosomes, the one that makes the biggest noise

Is simply labeled with the English letter Y

Well, without it, youre a woman and you've got an extra X

But if you've got it then youre gonna be a guy


Now considering the permutations likely to appear

Within these intricate and complicated genes

It's a wonder that we ponder on our gender

As we do with expectations of deciding what it means

How we labor to attribute such a myriad of issues

To the chromosome determining to our sex

Can it really be so crucial to our psyches and our futures

If instead of Y we have a double X


And when people love each other and decide to be together

How absurd it is for someone to imply

That the love is not legitimate

Unless one of the lovers has two Xs and the other has a Y

As the lovers struggle on to find a way to build a life

That they can share, it seems archaic and obscene

To suggest that they should call it off cause it could never work

Citing as evidence, the make-up of a gene


With so many hefty reasons for the gaps between our spirits

It seems backwards, contradictory and wrong

To oppose a way of living life that brings two people closer

When they feel that close is right where they belong

In this universe wherein we grew from nothings into somethings

On this planet where we try to make a home

Let us pause to recollect that we are more than what were made of

And a chromosome is just a chromosome

A chromosome is just a chromosome!


Sung by Allan Arnaboldi

Written by Bob Blue, © Bob Blue, 1992

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