Peter Alsop

Music for Children and Adults

Buckdancer's Daddy

From the album Uniforms Buy Now


There’s a buckdance ev’ry Friday night

Down at the old Town Hall

Where sometimes you can see the best

Buckdancer of them all

She waves her hands, she swings her hips,

Her long hair’s flyin’ free

She sparks and smiles and kicks in style

That’s a pure delight to see


Well maybe she’ll be there this week

She’ll fill your heart with joy

But her Daddy don’t like her to go out

Dancin’ with the boys

That’s her Daddy in the back

Tryin’ not to tap his toes,

He sneaks in to watch her dance

Cause he don’t want her to know!


Cho: He’s the buckdancer’s Daddy and he

     can’t sit down

He smiles when she swings around

He’s the buckdancer’s Daddy and he tries

     so hard to frown

But he’s the buckdancer’s Daddy and he

     can’t sit down!

(Instrumental Cho)


As a boy he danced on flyin’ feet

Each contest he would win

Fell in love with a girl so sweet

And married to the beat of the mandolin

When the baby came, his lady died

And he hung up his shoes

No one knows how long he cried,

But his dancin’ days were through


His daughter grew up straight and strong

She got straight A’s in school

But when she hears a cloggin’ song

She dances like a fool

She follows in her Daddy’s footsteps

Has his natural moves, . .

He don’t approve, he says he only

Comes to hear the music!!



Now ev’ry Sunday he drops by

And tries to hide his smile

He shows us pictures of the guy

She danced with down the aisle

His wallet is chock-full of

Little dancers in his clan, . .

And Grandpa claims that ev’ry one

Can buckdance like he can!!

Chorus (2x)


Written by Peter Alsop, ©1980, Moose School Music (BMI)

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