Peter Alsop

Music for Children and Adults



Cho: What makes one breath                                 

More precious than another?                                  

When every breath we take is new                          

All life is sacred, on this Earth                               

How you use your breath is up to you.                     


Is your first breath more precious than your last?     

Or the laughter of your friend, or your lover’s gasp?  

Or your mother’s sigh, or your baby’s cry                 

Another breath is another chance to try                    



When the eagle holds his breath, diving through the wind,

When the whale breaches, breathes, then sounds the deep again,

When the butcher’s cow or pig breathes, ready for the blow,

Is a human breath more precious?  What makes us think we know?


Instrumental Chorus


One breath at a time is all we really get

If we’re still breathing, then we’re not dead yet!

Though we worry 'bout our future, and our past may have regrets

We’re birds of a feather, we all breathe this air together

So, ...



Written by Peter Alsop, ©2009 Moose School Music (BMI)

On Disciples Of PerFection -

G(c2), A

G, A

C-G, D-A

G-D9, A-E9

G-C-G, A-D-A

G-D9-G, A-E9-A


C-G-D9-G, D-A-E9-A

C-G-D9, D-A-E9

C-G-D9-G, D-A-E9-A

C-G-D9, D-A-E9