Peter Alsop

Music for Children and Adults

Bigger, Bigger, Bigger

From the album Stayin' Over Buy Now

- big folks can respect smaller folks


Sometimes when I ask you if you’ve got time to play       

You say “Not right now, I’m just too busy!  Go away”       

But when you’re in a hurry, and I am moving slow           

You pick me up and carry me, and, (whistle!) off we go!  


Cho:  You’re bigger, bigger, bigger than me!                 

Bigger, bigger, bigger than me!                                    

N’you can make me do things, even when I don’t agree    

Cause you’re bigger,                                                  

Bigger, bigger, bigger than me!                                     


Just because you’re bigger, that does not mean

That your head always figures out, the best ideas for me!

Sometimes I get great big ideas in this little head of mine

But you won’t get to hear them, if you don’t take the time!



Sometimes I ask questions, n’you don’t pay attention

You say “Just a minute!” then you pick up the phone

And that minute turns to hours, while I wait there on the floor

And when you’re done, my question’s gone!  I can’t remember anymore!

Chorus    (And you can make me wait for all eternity!)


There’s always someone bigger, who’ll disagree with you

And sometimes make you do things that you, don’t want to do

Big people throw their weight around, when they’re feeling bad

So please don’t pass it on to me if someone bigger made you mad

Chorus:  (So don’t just make me do it, find a way to help me see)


No, don’t just make me do it, find a way to help me see,

Cause I love you, and you’re

Bigger, bigger, bigger than me!


Written by Peter Alsop,  Copyright ©1987, Moose School Music (BMI)

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