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Atta Way T'Go Boy!

From the album Other Songs


     The idea for this record came as a result of a desire to do two things.  The first was to bring together some songs written in Canada, The United States and England that dealt directly with what is happening in Central America.  We felt that this would make a powerful record, which could be used to reach people who are probably not listening to music from Central America, and perhaps know very little about the reality of what is happening in Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua.

     The second was to use these songs which have been written solidarity with the people of Central America and their fight for independence, to raise money.  All the profits from this album will go to committed artists and cultural organizations in Central America.  This money might be used to buy an instrument for a group of exiled Guatemalan musicians, or some recording tape for a Nicaraguan group who could not otherwise record.  The proceeds, however limited, will make a real contribution to these artists and groups who are always desperately short of funds.

     Everyone who worked on this project - songwriters, musicians, engineers - donated their labour, and we want to thank them.. This record is a gesture of solidarity from cultural workers in North America and England to our sisters and brothers in Central America.  They are fighting the legacy of exploitation and intervention by outsiders, particularly the United States, which has prevented the workers and peasants of Central America from exercising their right to self-determination.

     We hope that you who hold this record in your hands will find it a useful tool in the same fight.

Produced by Gary Cristall for the Vancouver Folk Music Festival - 1984

Nancy White - Bullets and Guitars

Si Kahn - Send Me Back To Georgia

Utah Phillips - Rice And Beans

Holly Near w. Jeff Langley - Nicolia

Roy Bailey - If They Come In The Morning

Robin Flower - Terrorist

Peter Alsop - Atta Way T'Go Boy! (w. Peter Spellman, Miriam Cutler, Henry Spurgeon, Ruth Barrett,

                                                            Terri Asher, Michael Hamilton - Dedicated to our President!

Leon Rosselson w. Roy Bailey - Who Reaps The Profits?  Who Pays The Price?

San Francisco Mime Troupe - No Hay Centro (There's No Middle)



C                                                        F                 C

When you ran for office, you acted like a star,

                  C                                                           D7              G          G7

Now you’re in and we eat fish heads, while you eat caviar, and when you

C                                                                   F                        C

Promised us the good old days, you took us back so far, 

                  C                                F                               C         G7         C         

That we’re in the middle ages, now you’re acting like the Czar!!  Hey!


Chorus (between each verse):

C                                    F               C

Atta way t’go boy, atta way t’go!

      C                                                           D7                    G       G7

You really know your business, you really stole the show, yeah

       C                                         C7          F                        C

You showed us you were boss, no matter what the cost, so

C                           F           C     G7     C

Atta way t’go boy, atta way t’go!


When PATCO stood their ground, you told ‘em, “Take a hike!”

Then you sent your Army in to scab and break the strike

No need to pray for safety for those airplanes in the night,

Jesus never joined a union, so God is on your side, right?!


You said the voters would be happy when you cut the tax

Then you tried to give the old folks and the ERA the axe!

Cut disabled, health care, artists, kids, Latinos and the Blacks,

While you and all your cabinet are driving Cadillacs!


Yes, you’re the Great White Father who approved the neutron bomb,

Protecting all your children with your magic Pentagon

And we’ll win every war, cause your logic is right on,

We’ll have factories to live in, when we’re dead and gone! Hey!


When the Polish Army took over the affair,

You were such a hero, your outrage filled the air,

You spoke out for Solidarity like a real millionaire,

Cause you support the unions, long as they stay over there!


Have you noticed Nicaraguans make your Generals tense?

But it’s the people from the countries that we help who hop our fence?

Can’t the Sandinistas understand, our dollars make good sense?

Let’s mine a couple harbors, . . maybe then they’ll be our friends!


You sent our boys into Grenada, y’said “To keep the peace!”

But it took attention off the mess you made in the Mid-east!

Who needs to check with Congress first, you handled them with ease,

Y’told ‘em “Commies in our backyard, and I’m Chief of Police!” Hey!


Y’say you want to save the peasants down in El Salvador

From all becoming communists, you say you’ve got the cure,

Our way of life is best, we have to teach it to the poor

So y’send the rich folks guns t’spread the word from door-to-door!


You’ve got proof that guy Kadahfi, is a terrorist, you say

But you won’t tell us what it is, so we’ll believe you anyway

He bombs victims who are innocent, so I guess that it’s okay

For you to bomb his wife and kill his kid and blow his house away!

(We have t’set a good example!  Right!)




Written by by Peter Alsop, ©1984, Moose School Music (BMI)

On Bullets And Guitars (Anthology) –