Peter Alsop

Music for Children and Adults

Affirmation Alphabet

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- as many positive words as possible



A - Amazing!  Awesome!  Astonishing!  Active!  Abundant! 

     Appreciated!  Artistic!  Aware!  Allright!  Astounding

B - Bravo!  Breath-taking!  Brilliant!  Bold!  Beneficial! 

     Big-hearted!  Bully for you!  you Bowled me over! Bright!


C - Cheerful!  Creative!  Compassionate!  Caring!  Clean! 

     A Champion!  you Count!  Clever!  Cool!  Classy!

D -Dynamite!  Delightful!  Dependable!  Determined! 

     Debonair!  Delicious!  You Deserve a hug!  Distinguished!

     Dynamic!  Delectable!

E - Energetic!  what Endurance!  Engaging  Enchanting!

     Exceptional!  Elevated!  you’re Essential!  Enthusiastic!

     Enjoyable!  Elegant!

F - Fabulous!  Far out!  First rate!  Friendly!  Festive!

     Frolicsome!  You Figured it out!  Fortunate!  Fine!

     First class!

G - Great!  Good-natured!  Golden!  Gleeful!  Gracious!

     Good Example!  Genius!  Good-humored!  Graceful!


H - Helpful!  Honest!  Hum-Dinger!  Humorous!  High Caliber!

     Hospitable!  you Have Heart!  Hooray!  Hopeful!  Happy!

I - Incredible!  Interesting!  Insightful!  Important! 

     Illustrious!  Impressive!  Incisive!  Incomparable!

     Intelligent!  Intense!

J - Joyful!  Jaunty!  Justified!  Jolly!  Joyous!  Judicious!

     you’re Jazzy!  you’re Jubilant!  Jovial!  Just!

K - Kind!  Keen!  a Keeper!  Knight in shining armor!  Kissable!

     Knowlegeable!  you’re a Knock-out!  a Kick!  O-Kay!

L - Loving!  Leisurely!  Likeable!  Legendary!  Lively!

     a Leader!  a Listener!  a Learner!  Lofty!  Liberated!

M - Marvelous!  Mirthful!  you’re Making progress!

     Most satisfactory!  Merciful!  Majestic!  you Make a

     difference!  you Make it happen!  Merry!  Mighty!

N - you’re Neat!  Natural!  Noticeable!  Noble!  Non-violent!

     Nice!  you’re Number 1!  you’re Necessary!  Needed!


O - Outstanding!  On target!  Omnivorous!  Out of sight!

     Orderly!  Open-minded!  Over-flowing!  Organized!

     Original!  Optimistic!

P - Phenomenal!  Proud!  Profound!  Proper!  Priceless!

     a Pleasure!  Peaceful!  Purposeful!  Precious!  Powerful!

Q - Quite remarkable!  Quaint!  high Quality!  Quiet!

     Quintessential!  Quite amazing!  Quick!  Qualified!

R - Real!  Remarkable!  Relevant!  Resilient!  Relaxed!

     Radiant!  Respectable!  Resourceful!  Renowned!  Rich!

S - Super!  Superb!  Sensational!  Spectacular!  Splendid!

     Stupendous!  a Shining Star!  Smart!  Spicy!  Strong!

T - Terrific!  a Treasure!  a Trooper!  Thoughtful!  Thorough!

     Thumbs up!  you Tried hard!  Take a bow!  Trim!  Tops!

U - Unbelieveable!  Unselfish!  Unequaled!  Useful!

     Utterly amazing!  Unmistakeable!  Unbiased!  Unique!

V - Vibrant!  Virtuous!  Valued!  Valiant!  Vulnerable! 

     Vivacious!  Very Good!  Very talented!  Vital!  Vivid!

W - Wonderful!  Way to go!  Well done!  Wise!  a Winner!

     Worthwile!  Well-groomed!  Well-mannered!  Wholesome!


X - Excellent!  Extraordinary!  Expressive!  Exceptional!

     Exciting!  Exploding!  Experienced!  Extravagant!

     Expanding!  Exhilarating! 

Y - Yes!  You are special!  Youthful!  Yes!  You come through!

     You!  Yes!  You are Yummy!  You are the greatest!  Yes!  You!

Z - you are Zealous!  and you’re Zany!  you’re Zesty!

     hey you’re Z-Best!  a full grown Zygote!  Zinger!  Zaftig!



Written by Peter Alsop, ©Copyright 2001, Moose School Music (BMI)

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