Peter Alsop

Music for Children and Adults


ALSOP FOR ADULTS CONCERT!: Peter's Song on Love, Sex & Gender

- Laugh and sing with Peter and his friends at this 2 hour live concert; with Ellen Geer, Melora Marshall, Matt Cartsonis, James McVay, Tate Ammons, Tom Allard, Earnestine Phillips, Philip Littell, David Tobocman, Janis Liebhart, Nina Kurtz, Victoria Hilyard, Richard Lee Smith, Philip Boone, Dan Ubick and Brian Chapman.!

OPENING DOORS: For Right Brains In A Left Brain Society

- Dr. Peter Alsop's concert presentation for adults focuses on flexibility and commitment to self-growth.  With hilarious and heart-rending songs, he teaches the difference between "static" and "dynamic" lifestyles; why we should avoid "grabbing for simple answers"; and how the "process-oriented" arts help us to relieve care-giver stress.  His humor rekindles the child within, and opens doors locked by abuse, loss, anger and fear, as the audience laughs and cries and sings along.  Songs include: Dear Mr. President, Rabbit On My Shoulder, Baby Needs A Parent, Logical, Lifeline, It's Only A Wee-Wee, Look At The Ceiling, Love Is The Only Medicine, My Body, Letter To Mr. Brown, Aaargh!, The Hug & Kid's Peace Song.




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We have everything you need here, including Peter’s Electronic Press KitTestimonials, and Photos, as well as favorite videos including Peter's Conference KeynoteSculpting With People Workshop, the Family Concert Video, and a Conference Introduction with Peter's bio.  Check out Peter's Otter Space Conference Center on the Klamath River in Northern California.

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